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Remus Exhaust Install

remus exhaust install

A few tips if you’re planning DIY. Thanks to those before me who performed this task. 1. It’s much easier to remove the bumper unless you have a lift to raise X5 high enough for removal/install.2. Make sure you have a T55 torx socket. This is not available at most stores and is needed for […]

Replacement of Nakamichi glove box CD changer

replacement of nakamichi glove box cd changer

Scotty Location: San Diego, CA   Well here is the full info for my resolution to my broken Nakamichi, hope its useful for others.I’d was sorely tempted by an iPod and iceLink solution (iPod $399-ish for 40GB,$200 for iceLink). www.densionusa.com. Nice solution. Expensive, but nice. Very nice.  And it appeals to me as an Apple user. (The Ipod-your-BMW […]

Rear passenger speaker grill replacement

Subject: Rear passenger speaker grill replacement A passenger recently kicked her foot through the speaker grill in the rear driver’s-side door. The speaker was fine but the plastic grill split down the middle. This isn’t covered under warranty, of course, so I ordered a replacement grill (around $20, as I recall). The TIS layed out a […]

DIY – BMW XM Direct Satellite Radio Receiver Installation

bmw original accessories

Time involved: about 30 minutes totalMaterials Required:XM Direct Kit for BMW 3-series (available at myradiostore.com)Disclaimer:  Follow these instructions at your own risk. I accept ZERO responsibility for any damage you do to your car as a result of having read or followed these instructions. Check the specifications for compatibility with your make and model before you purchase the unit. I have no […]

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X5 (E53) Message Board

Author:   NZ on 2004-04-12 at 21:56:19(Roadfly member #44194; Roadfly Inner Circle member since 2003-03-12)          Subject:   Finally, Sirius Installed!! Yippie 🙂 (Long)(2656 views) (4680 thread views)  Message: Hello Everyone. I just completed the install on my 2002 (Yes 2002) X5. I first off wanted to thank some people. Thanks to Peter (IFLYX5) for preparing […]

BMW Original Accessories

BMW Sirius Satellite Radio  From their National Broadcast Studios in NYC, the SIRIUS Stream Jockeys pore through the music of yesterday, today, and tomorrow to create a streaming experience unlike anything you’ve ever heard.Every minute of every day, SIRIUS beams programming from our studios to our three state-of-the-art satellites moving high above the earth in […]

Sirius Keg install in 2003 X5 4.6

Author:   hdd3md on 2003-08-09 at 23:37:49(posted from: Host: adsl-68-73-89-19.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net IP:          Subject:   Sirius Keg install in 2003 X5 4.6 is(4430 views) (4802 thread views)  Message: Well, here are some pictures of the install in my X5 (this can be done very easily in any 2003 #,5,7, and Z series): The goal: […]

X5 (E53) Message Board

Author: bbachman on 2003-12-22 at 02:37:09(posted from: Host: cs2417454-150.houston.rr.com IP: Subject: Alpine MP3 Changer CHA-S634 W/DSP INSTALL(2925 views) (3609 thread views) Message: This might be old news to some, however, it may help others so I would share. I have a 2001 X5 with GPS and DSP. Everyone I spoke to at Car Audio shops stated that there was “no […]