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Well here is the full info for my resolution to my broken Nakamichi, hope its useful for others.I’d was sorely tempted by an iPod and iceLink solution (iPod $399-ish for 40GB,
$200 for iceLink). www.densionusa.com. Nice solution. Expensive, but nice. Very nice.  And it appeals to me as an Apple user.

(The Ipod-your-BMW unit won’t work for me since I have Nav.)

I personally dislike the trunk changer ($300-ish for Alpine unit). I dislike not being able to insert a CD while on the road. And also, as a bit of a audio snob, I do find the trunk units have inferior sound compared to the Nakamichi glove box unit.

My favorite (and very efficient) dealer didn’t know what to do initially. I am 9 months out of factory warranty and he somewhat awkwardly quoted $500 for a new Nakamichi. (Vaheh @ Crevier was $440).My service guy seemed to appreciate that $500 for a CD replacement was steep; he said he’d look into repair costs and get back to me. He did indeed call back within 2 hours and explained that BMW would do a ‘core exchange’.

For $130 and return of my broken changer, they would supply a remanufactured unit, with 2 year warranty. BMW had ‘plenty of stock’ (i.e. lots of returned units that had been remanufactured). Part no. is 82-11-0-006-800.

So for $130 I am back to enjoying excellent sounds and can change CDs while on the road !

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