Exquisite Goods

A few tips if you’re planning DIY. Thanks to those before me who performed this task.

1. It’s much easier to remove the bumper unless you have a lift to raise X5 high enough for removal/install.
2. Make sure you have a T55 torx socket. This is not available at most stores and is needed for bumper bolts. See your local Snap-On, Matco or Mac Tools rep. They will have it. Don’t bother w/ Sears or Pep Boys.
3. Leave all exhaust connections loose until bumper is reattached. You’ll need to move tips back to get at and secure bumper bolts.
4. Need two people to drop bumper. 8 year old son helped removal, wife helped reinstall. (family project)

It may take me awhile to respond to any questions, wife’s on trip to Denmark w/son, I’m home chasing 17mo. old around the house. Feel free to e-mail me. I have more pic that might be of use for DIYer.



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