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AM Radio Fix

Author:   motordavid TheOl’Guy          Subject:   Re: AM radio Fix  Message:   Here is a stealth, rarely admitted, (by BMW), fix for common poor AM radio reception. I don’t promise it is Your prob., but it fixed mine: part # 65-12-6-916-242…I got it done, only after considerable complaining and tossing out […]

Apple Ipod Install – 2001 BMW 530i with Nav

Prepared By arnolds Thanks to Lefty, AK, EricS, and Mug Purpose:  To add an auxilliary audio input using the Tape deck audio outputs.  The audio input will be used to connect an external MP3 player like the Apple IPOD.  Since I never use the tape deck, we decided that sacrificing tape functionality was acceptable.  Basically, we cut the preamp output from the […]

Mounting of CD Changer

Parts and AccessoriesBMW X5 (E53)Mounting of CD ChangerFor E53 with or without On-Board Navigation System (SA609)E53 with Nav Hardware KitP/N 82 11 0 009 305E53 without Nav Hardware KitP/N 82 11 0 009 302Alpin CD ChangerP/N 82 11 1 469 404BMW of North America, Inc.Product & Service Engineering Dept.September 1999GENERAL INFORMATIONINTRODUCTIONThese installation instructions were produced […]

Audio System Upgrade – hdd3md

Author:   hdd3md          Subject:   Sirius Keg install in 2003 X5 4.6 is  Message:   Well, here are some pictures of the install in my X5 (this can be done very easily in any 2003 #,5,7, and Z series): The goal: Control satellite and Keg/PB leaving stock CD changer, etc., alone, […]

Audio System Upgrade – Brian C. – Part 2

After several weekends pulling the X5 apart, ordering stuff, taking it apart even more and order some more wires, the SUV is now back to the original drivable state with a beautifully sounding stereo system!! First off, new toys! Originally I ordered a set of Focal 165K2P composites that I was planning to put in […]

XXX5’s 4.8iS Speaker Upgrade

XXX5’s 4.8iS Speaker UpgradeWell many of you know that the stereo system in the X5 is nice but…well that’s just it, nice.The overall stereo system is all-good, though IMO it needed for some real oomph and diminishing outside noise even more. So I stripped the door panels and prepped them for sound deadening materials by […]

Stealth Audio and Video System

The operative word for my system is STEALTH. I really wanted to accomplish a lot with very little show. A system that a non-bmw enthusiast would have a hard time spotting. I also didn’t want to showboat because those days are definitely behind me. I enlisted the same people I’ve trusted for about 15 years […]

XM Satellite Radio/Subwoofer Installation

My goal was simple — I’m a big music buff. I have a very nice $25K+ stereo system at home. I don’t want to duplicate that in the car — it would take incredible amounts of money to do so. The standard sound system in the X5, is, in my opinion, quite nice — no, […]

X5 Radio Module and Amp Information

2002 and newer Radio Module – w/Nav Pin No. / Wire Color / Function Large Black Plug x18126 1 / Blue-Black / Right Rear + output to amp (twisted with 5)2 / Blue-Red / Right Front + output to amp (twisted with 6)3 / Yellow-Red / Left Front + output to amp (twisted with 7)4 […]

DSC Operation in Action

Message Title: Anybody know if the ’04s have ‘Open’ differentials Posted by: TurnAround on 2003-11-07 at 12:34:09 (228 views) (586 thread views)(posted from: Host: risxlr3.ris.lane.or.us IP:  Message:just like the ’03 (and on back) X5’s do? Or do the ’04’s come with limited slip differentials now? I finally got around to taking my X5 in to ask about the […]