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Author: motordavid TheOl’Guy 
Subject: Re: AM radio Fix 
Message: Here is a stealth, rarely admitted, (by BMW), fix for common poor AM radio reception. I don’t promise it is Your prob., but it fixed mine: part # 65-12-6-916-242…I got it done, only after considerable complaining and tossing out this # at the dlr. The work receipt simply shows this # and doesn’t explain whether radio or jes’ a “part” was replaced, or what work was actually done. It is now “better” than previous w/o the static and poor signal strength, though not up to most AM radios, imo. But, worth a shot. I haven’t put this up on the board very often, but worth a try. GL & BR, md
Waynesville,NC @5K’ in hillbillyheaven

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