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Author: hdd3md on 2003-08-09 at 23:37:49(posted from: Host: adsl-68-73-89-19.dsl.emhril.ameritech.net IP: 
Subject: Sirius Keg install in 2003 X5 4.6 is(4430 views) (4802 thread views) 
Message:Well, here are some pictures of the install in my X5 (this can be done very easily in any 2003 #,5,7, and Z series):

The goal: Control satellite and Keg/PB leaving stock CD changer, etc., alone, and remain stealth. Control everything with one unit. Minimize the need for running multiple cables, etc.

Why Kenwood?
1) Product headunit fits in required space, looks great, has wireless remote control as well, totally stealth.
2) using one 13-pin Din cable can carry Keg, Sirius, and another AUX input to headunit
3) splicing into 13-pin DIN allows me to create custom cable to connect to AUX-in behind NAV unit
4) known to work well with PB/Keg
5) do not need to use FM modulator circuit

Total cost:

KCA R70FM $49.99 (Best Buy, Circuit City) ($79 crutchfield*)
Kenwood Extention Din Cable ($20 crutchfield)
Kenwood KTC SR902 Sirius Tuner $150 (BB,CC) (free crutchfield*)
Kenwood Keg ($249.99 clearance CC, $499 BB, Crutchfield)
BMW Aux in Cable: $34 (Crevier), $6 homemade
TERK Sirius Antenna $49 CF*, CC, BB

(* = if KCAR70FM+Antenna+Sirius Tuner purchased from Crutchfield, Sirius tuner is FREE)

so: $250+$130 = $430 +AUX cable gives you Sirius+KEG in beautiful install and simplicity. No need to use RCAs.

Step-by-step Instructions will be posted soon…..

My car in my garage:

BMW Aux adapter: ($57 for this Euro version, US version $34 @ Crevier):

kenwood extension cable being mated to the BMW Aux input adapter:

the dash:

the antenna goes here:

the back of the vehicle: sirius adapter + keg

i don’t see anything:

now i see it:

the end result:

the DIY adapter:
Home-made test BMW Adapter (Cost: $6) (Specs to be posted soon)



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  • Sirius Keg install in 2003 X5 4.6 is(pic) – hdd3md2003-08-09 23:37:49 (4430 views) (4802 thread views)
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      • only when you are around….. (nt) – hdd3md 2003-08-11 12:43:05 (68 views)
    • very nice Drex! & nice Estoril garage flr paint 2!(nt) – josh®©292003-08-10 23:54:24 (79 views)
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    • Excellent post, thanks!! (nt) – X54ever 2003-08-10 03:00:59 (54 views)
    • V/cool mod cuz. Deff fill us in on details.(nt) – TripleX5 ® (no ticky … no shirty)©292003-08-10 00:21:15 (80 views)
      • thanks Ed! (nt) – hdd3md 2003-08-10 02:34:25 (56 views)
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