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The operative word for my system is STEALTH. I really wanted to accomplish a lot with very little show. A system that a non-bmw enthusiast would have a hard time spotting. I also didn’t want to showboat because those days are definitely behind me. I enlisted the same people I’ve trusted for about 15 years now with all of my car audio/video needs,
Mobile Innovations of Lodi, NJ.www.mobile-innovations.com
Martin, Nick, and the rest of the crew once again did everything I asked, and then some.

The sound system consists of Focal mids and highs and two 8″ Kicker Solobarics. The Focals replaced all factory speakers in their factory locations and the 8″ subs went into the factory sub location in custom enclosures. Two Memphis amplifiers were used to drive the speakers. One drives the mids and highs and the other is for the subs. Again, these were chosen for their reliable performance and their ability to be concealed and out of sight. Trim pieces were removed to show you the raw install of electronics and the sub enclosures. My apologies because I completely forgot to take shots of the amps. I will post them when I do.

For video, two screens were used. The factory navigation screen and also an 11.2 inch monitor concealed in the roof. The rear screen is motorized to swing down from the roof at the touch of a switch. The screen itself is extremely low profile and only dropped the roof in that location less than 3/4 of an inch. The TV tuner is an OEM BMW unit modified by Nav-Tv for Video in Motion. www.nav-tv.com

As you’ll see in the pictures, the headliner and all pillars have been recovered in a rich black Alcantara (Suede). This was something that I’ve admired from other cars Mobile did and also from the M5 with the extended leather option. It is understated yet stunning at the same time. Mobile Innovations took it one step further and put a beautiful stitch right across the headliner (from left to right) in a gray thread to match my interior. You can see it pictured.

My Valentine One radar detector was also converted and concealed into the interior of the X5. What you see pictured is the entire setup; display, radar receivers front and rear, and laser receivers front and rear. The display was etched into my mirror right below my compass display. The receivers were molded into the overhead console. The install looks unbelievably stock and also works like a charm. Trust me on this. The telephone mic that was in this location was relocated. You can also see the flush mounted front video switcher next to the remote receivers.

The video source consists of an Alpine DVD changer mounted in the factory electronics rack. I also have an Alpine MP3 changer for music. An Alpine electronic crossover was also used for frequency adjustment of the speakers.

There are some other smaller items that I didn’t shoot (rear video switcher, video in and 110 AC outlet, etc.) but I’m sure you get the general idea. The sound system itself is a lot more than I’ll ever use. Sound quality is top notch from the crisp highs to the earth shaking sub frequencies. I’m very happy and this was definitely worth the wait.
I hope you guys and gals enjoy the photos.

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