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XXX5’s 4.8iS Speaker UpgradeWell many of you know that the stereo system in the X5 is nice but…well that’s just it, nice.The overall stereo system is all-good, though IMO it needed for some real oomph and diminishing outside noise even more. So I stripped the door panels and prepped them for sound deadening materials by Dynamat and speakers upgraded from MB-Quart. The first pic shows what the door looks like with her outer shell taken off. Once completely stripped down you can clearly see the factory sound deadening material from the factory in the white box in Pic 2. It’s good but not good enough. Pic 3 shows the door totally redone with Dynamats Extreme Sound Deadening materials. Next up was swapping out the factory mid-bass driver. Out came the OEM mid-sub and in went MB-Quarts PCE 216. They are not Q-line but the next best thing and IMO they sound great. The mid bass is greatly improved and can handle a lot more power than what the factory DSP amp is throwing at it (which will be replaced later on). Pic 7 and 8 shows the tweeter swap. The transfer was pretty smooth. Out popped the old and the brackets were modified to house the new titanium tweeters. The results are a mass improvement on the highs. MB quarts have always been famous for crisp and very clean highs. Pics 9, 10, 11 and 12 shows the door skin prepped for dynashield from Dynamat. Basically is the same material but in an easy spray applicator for hard to reach and curved places. I used two cans of this stuff per door skin to enhance the sounds proofing and avoid and future rattles from the door skins. Pics 13 and 14 shows the door completely put back together.Part 2 of this MOD is the rear doors. The procedure is more or less the same as with the Front Doors with the exception of the stock mid range/tweeter swap.  Some modification had to be done to house the new tweeters.  And again, the outer door skin are totally covered in Dynamat and the door skin is covered with Dynashield spray.

The end results……

With the Dynamat completely covering the doors and Dynashield over the inner door skins, outside noise is reduced dramatically. So much that as a test I sat inside the X with the engine off and no radio and had some friends speak fairly loud right by the door and literally could not hear them, which is what you can definitely expect from Dynamat. Enhancing the tunes inside while keeping road noise out.

Tested with Henry Mancini and the Mancini Pops Orchestra CD.

I can definitely say what a huge improvement these MB Quarts are over the stock OEMs. The mid-range driver puts out a clean tight bass signal that totally surrounds you. The tweeters on the other hand literally jump out get your attention. The tweeters are so crisp and clean it’s unbelievable. Combined with dynamiting the music is brought to a totally different listening environment.Enjoy mates.


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