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For anyone with a 2001 or 2000 X5 who is annoyed by the incorrect direction of the Steptronic and would like it reversed. So that you pull back to up shift and push forward to downshift, along with the momentum of the car.

The answer is yes, this can be easily done!!! This has been a big nit of mine, both with my X5 and with my previous car (Audi). However, on a recent service visit I noticed on my first shift in the 2003 325ix loner I got, that the shift direction was “corrected”… I talked to my service dept. and the head mechanic was very intrigued by my question, so personally took it on to figure out if it can be done. During the same time I also found a tech tip out on www.bmwtips.com.

Here’s the Fix:
There is a four(4) pin connector into the shifter. The middle two pins are for upshift & downshift (Blue gray & blue green accordingly). It’s a purple connector on the right hand side of the shifter. So, by simply swapping these two wires in the connector you will reverse the shift direction.

Also, you can get a new trip plate with the Plus on the bottom and the minus on the top, you can order Part # 51 16 7 060 445 from Crevier for $160 + shipping.

Should be a relatively simple DIY fix, as long as you know how to get the trim pieces off. My service dept said they would do it for only 1/2 hr labor, plus then I get the full support from them on the fix and no possible questions about warrantee, etc.

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