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Subject: Finally, Sirius Installed!! Yippie 🙂 (Long)(2656 views) (4680 thread views) 
Message:Hello Everyone.

I just completed the install on my 2002 (Yes 2002) X5. I first off wanted to thank some people. Thanks to Peter (IFLYX5) for preparing such awesome DIY Instructions and for the help you gave me on the Sirius questions I had. Also big thanks to everyone that makes the X5world.com website Run and so wonderful and FULL of info (Jeff, Ed, Drex, Jan & Parag). Thanks also to Adam (X5Monkey) for helping me out, as well as James (SRFast) from the E39 Board on all my Sirius questions I had. And last but not least, Thanks to Chris @ Crevier for helping me find all these parts and make this 2002 X “Sirius Ready” Thanks to all of you 🙂

Now to the Sirius Stuff.

First things First. YOU CAN have sirius on any NON-NAV, NON-DSP X5’s because they are ALL pre-wired for a CD Changer. BUT here are some changes people with a MY: (’00-’02) will have to change out.

1. MUST change out the Business In-Dash CD Player. MY ’00-’02 does not have the correct software in the CD Player (Yes CD Player) that feeds into the Head Unit to be “Sirius Ready”. The software has to be “50” for CD Players made in 2002 and can be found on the bottom of the CD Player OR by turning on the radio (Ignition Off) and holding down the “m” key for about 10sec. You will see your S/N ####### being displayed, then just hit the “+” key once and you will see this format (SV xx-XX xx) The First xx is the week, the XX is the year and the last two xx MUST have a 50 or higher in this field for Sirius to work, and is VERY important for those with MY 2000, 2001 or 2002.

For MY 2003 and 2004 ALL the Software is Sirius ready so you are ok, but if you still wanna check the two middle XX MUST read 03 or 04 (SV xx-03 xx) or (SV xx-04 xx).

This is the display my NEW CD Player Shows. “50” is the key here being that it is a 2002 X5.

Was made in week 44 of ’02 with SW 50 so we are good to go.

Picture Of Bottom of my OLD CD Player. Week of 27 of ’01 SW 40. No Go

2. You MAY also have to replace you Display or Head Unit. There is really no way to tell if you do or don’t but I had to 🙁 Your dealer MAY do a trade in and thus it won’t be super expensive.
For MY (’00-’02). I would first replace the CD Player and see if the Head Unit will work with your new CD Player.
-Another reason you MAY need to replace the display is the Old Displays may also not support Alpha-Scroll. (For Artist, Song Etc.)
-Model numbers may be different if you have the OBC on your Display, so check with you dealer before ordering Display!!

That is about all the REPLACING you will have to do so here are the Part Numbers and Instuctions on hooking it all up. Again dealer may do trade-in so prices may be different.

-New CD Player P/N: 65-12-6-921-961 or 65-12-6-941-508. ~$650.00
-New Display (If Needed) P/N: 65-80-6-914-606 ~$450.00
-Sirius Receiver (For NON-NAV, NON-DSP) P/N: 84-11-0-141-981 ~$299.00
-Extension Cable for 3 & 6 Pin Wires P/N: 84-11-0-141-977 ~$18.00
-12-Pin Plug (For Those Without OEM CD Changer) P/N: 84-11-0-151-238

Top to Bottom (Display, In-Dash CD Player, Sirius Reciever)

These are the parts I needed. You can opt to get the Sirius Installation Kit from BMW but I just got some $2.00 L-Braces at Home Depot and mounted the Sirius Reciever as seen below. I went with the Terk SIR 3 Antenna and SIR-Splitter ($65 at Best Buy) instead of the $125 OEM Antenna Kit. These work just as good IMO.

OEM BMW Sirius Recevier, SIR-Splitter, 12-Pin Rubber Plug

Now for Installation: I just followed the wonderful instructions posted my IFLYX5 (#23 under Stereo) as well as (#20) on X5world.com They were very easy to follow. Thank You IFLY 🙂

And that is about it. Once you are done with that here is what you can see 🙂

Hope this all make sense. Be glad to help anyone who wantes to do this Mod 🙂



Click Image Below For Pics.
2002 X5 3.0i (Current)
1996 318is (Retired)

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