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BMW X5 (E53)
Mounting of CD ChangerFor E53 with or without On-Board Navigation System (SA609)E53 with Nav Hardware Kit
P/N 82 11 0 009 305E53 without Nav Hardware Kit
P/N 82 11 0 009 302Alpin CD Changer
P/N 82 11 1 469 404BMW of North America, Inc.
Product & Service Engineering Dept.
September 1999GENERAL INFORMATIONINTRODUCTIONThese installation instructions were produced to give the installation technician all necessary information to properly install the BMW CD Changer behind the left cargo area panel beginning with 2000 MY X5 (E53) vehicles.These instructions were developed by the Product and Service Engineering Department of BMW of North America, Inc. specifically for BMW vehicles and are not to be compared to any existing products for vehicles other then BMW.These instructions were complete and up to date at time of issue. Any changes in the vehicle or problems noted by the installer should be reported directly to BMW Product and Service Engineering Department. Questions regarding this installation should be directed to the BMW Technical Hotline.Read all instructions carefully before proceeding with this installation. LH (left hand) and RH (right hand) are referenced as determined from sitting in the driver’s seat facing forward. Instructions dealing with a common disassembly procedure are referenced to the TIS file found on the DIS Tester.IMPORTANT NOTETwo different installation hardware kits are available for X5 vehicles equipped either with the On-Board Navigation System (Option SA609) or without.E53 vehicles with Navigation use hardware kit: P/N 82 11 0 009 305QTYP/NItem199 00 0 001 796Install Instructions265 12 8 385 988Bracket CD Changer407 11 9 902 007M5x14 Hex Head Bolt461 13 1 372 033Body Nut MSE53 vehicles without Navigation use hardware kit: P/N 82 11 0 009 302OTYP/NItem199 00 0 001 796Install Instructions265 12 8 385 988Bracket CD Changer807 11 9 902 007MSxl4 Hex Head Bolt861 13 1 372 033Body Nut MS165 12 8 383 514Carrier Bracket Front165 12 8 383 515Carrier Bracket Back207 11 9 915 041M6xlO Hex Head BoltREQUIRED TOOLSCommon hand toolsCD Changer Installation1. Remove the three shipping transport screws from CD changer.2.Adjust the CD changer mechanism pins for proper settings. Mechanism should be set to “H” on both sides of unit for horizontal mounting position.3. Affix the locking squares on the left and right sides of the CD changer chassis to firmly secure the pins in place.4. Install the two CD changer brackets (2) to each side of the changer (3) with four screws (1) provided with CD changer.Above illustration showing area behing left rear cargo area panel5. For vehicles without navigation install front carrier bracket (2) using the two M6 nuts (6) in the vehicle and one M6xlO bolt (1) as shown. Install back carrier bracket (3) using one M6xlO bolt (1), four MS body nuts (4) andfour M5x14 bolts (5) as shown.6. Locate audio and power cables in vehicle. Connect the three pin power & I-bus cable to changer. For vehicles without DSP HiFi connect the 6 pin audio cable to changer. For vehicles with DSP HiFi connect the single coax digital audio cable to the changei (for DSP the 6 pin audio cable need not be connected).7. Install CD changer (7) to the carrier brackets using four MS body nuts (4) and four M5xl 4 bolts (5).8. Installation complete, verify proper operation of CD changer.

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