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Subject: The way it is.(
Message: The Volvo is junk. Drive it first before you try the other two. The VW with V-6 is a stone. You need the V-8 in the way-way-over-weight Touareg and once you do that and add some popcorn, you’re looking at $50,000. If you want to spend $50,000, then your choices are a different group. But, drive the VW second. Some people like the overly-festooned dash (I haven’t seen so many dials since the Chevy Citation came out with the highly vaunted “GAGE PACKAGE”). Then drive the X5. You’ll wind up getting the X5.

Here’s what will happen. If you don’t get the X5, as you drive around in the Volvo or the VW, you’ll always wonder, as you pass an X5, what it would be like to have and own the X5. However, if you get the X5, as you pass a Volvo or Touareg, the thought will never cross your mind what it would be like to have one of those. Indeed, you won’t even notice them. They’re just scuttle fish.

Here’s an added bonus not to be overlooked: Volvo and VW don’t have kewl sites like this with real enthusiasts doing real things in an unreal fashion. If you’re just a little bit crazy, you belong on our team. If you’re a one-dimensional, cardboard cut-out MoMo with no sense of humor, or daring-do, then there are alternatives for you.


Member BMW CCA Delaware Valley
Member MBCA
3.0 Z4 6-Speed (Me)
1997 528i 5-Speed (Junior’s Ride)
2004 Volvo Cross Country (WTF?)
1982 Ducati Darmah (Runs GREAT)
1988 Mercedes Benz 190 E 2.6L 5-Speed (Ersatz Auto)

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