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Written by x5Monkey

I wanted to add a little sportier look to my interior, without changing my light poplar wood. I decided to exchange my black sport steering wheel trim for the titanium silver that matches the interior door handles. It was a fairly simple install. It took my about 1 hour, having never done it before. I used these DIY instructions from the 330i DIY site.
It’s a very good and detailed post so I will only try to fill in the blanks they left. Their instructions can be followed to nearly the letter for the X5. One major difference is the part number.
For the X5 the trim is Part # 32 30 6 756 529. This is the titanium color, as opposed to aluminum.
You will need one Torx 20 very thin style driver. I got one at Sears for about $6. It recommend buying the 6 inch model because it make it will be easier to access the screws in the back of the steering wheel. I used the 9 inch model and was able to access the screws but it took some serious maneuvering.
You will also need either one or two medium sized flat head screwdrivers (to help remove the airbag)
I did the install on a rainy dark day so you’ll have to excuse the pics.
Thanks to Joe and Chris@Crevier for the help.

I chose to remove the airbag fuse rather than disconnecting the battery.

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