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M3 SMG II Wheel on X5
The VS Paddle-Shift Kit

Here’s the wheel before installation…

The original Sport Wheel with Light Poplar wood trim.
Now for Sale (w/o airbag) : $250.00 + Shipping

Now for Sale (w/o airbag) : $250.00 + Shipping

Removed the airbag from the Sport wheel.
Now for Sale (w/o airbag) : $250.00 + Shipping

Without the wheel…

The newly installed M3 SMG II  Steering Wheel with the VS Paddle-Shift kit.

The Verdict…Upon installation and with the shift boot and lower steering wheel still opened-up, I had to test if the paddle shifting function worked by actually driving it.  Drove around the apartment complex and all I can say is “this is pretty neat!!!”.

After closing-up everything that I dismantled, I just really had the urge to try this thing over a longer period of time and a lot of spirited driving.  So I went out with my wife and just drove away from our apartment and tried the paddle shift system.  An hour later… all I can say is: “Wow!!!”  Now I can enjoy the Steptronic system much more via the paddle shifters; moreover, this mod should have been available much earlier!!!

My wife after seeing me enjoy the paddle shifters wanted to try it herself… Back in our apartment complex she tried it and at this point I think it was a wrong decision to let her drive… She was so into paddle shifting that she was literally running over speed bumps and we were just bouncing around in the X5…

Some more info:Price: $840.00(shipped via USPS)
Kit Includes: M3 SMG II Wheel and VS Paddle-Shift Kit
Where to get the Kit: http://www.bmw-paddleshift-retro.com
Install Time: Approximately 2hrs.

Installed on: 2001 BMW X5 3.0i; PP, SP, CP

Is it worth it? OH Yeah!!!Thanks Vince for your really quick email tech support and quick delivery of the package!!!

Now for Sale:
X5 Sport Steering Wheel
with Light Poplar Wood Trim (w/o airbag) : $250.00 + Shipping

email: TQ2K

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