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Author: TommyX 
Subject: Finally did the steering wheel! 
Message: I tip my hat to Chris Y for being the pioneer of this mod. I probably would have never thought about if Chris didn’t do it first. Good show, Chris! I will keep you up to date on that other thing we talked about.
I chose to go a slightly different route. Although I loved the wheel, I couldn’t stand the thought of having an ///M emblem in or on any part of my X. Its just a personal thing for me. Since the factory wheel has a wood insert for the bottom spokes, I thought, why not? Anyway, I purchased the wheel and sent it over to Mobile Innovations in Lodi, NJ. I told them what I wanted and here it is. The wood is real and matches my dark poplar exactly. Martin from Mobile was the one with the magic hands. I can honestly say after seeing the whole process that this is a definite DIY swap. It might look overwhelming but it isn’t. I won’t post the details but I am more than willing to help you through whole process; what tools you need and all.

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