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Author: Loophole 
Subject: How to remove console… 
Message:  Just follow these directions to remove console, but are you really going to paint $1500 worth of wood trim????? Buy new Titan silver trim from dealer for under $700 or high gloss trim for a couple of hundred bucks, and sell the wood on ebay.

Console Removal:
1. Locate carpeted front trim panels on each side of center console.
2. Remove Phillips head screw from front section of trim panel.
3. Starting from the lower portion of panel, Gently pull away from center console
4. Locate rear trim panel and remove as you did the front panels.
5. Proceed to rear of console. On each side (where console meets floor) you will find a series of screws. Remove the screws closest to the floor, one on each side of console.
6. Move approximately half way up the console and remove two Phillips head screws that secure console to vehicle.
7. Open center armrest to expose storage compartment. Remove plastic insert by lifting straight up. Remove the two screws at the bottom which secured console to vehicle floor.
8. Remove shift indicator bezel and boot, this will allow room to remove the hazard warning switch. Once the switch has been removed, remove the screw that was directly under the switch. NOTE, pay special attention to connectors for hazard switch and shift indicator; they are keyed the same and can be inadvertently switched during the reassembly process.
9. On the lower left side of console, approximately in the middle, are three connectors. Ashtray cigar lighter and phone antenna coax cable with 18 pin ELO connector. Locate and disconnect all three.
NOTE, make sure that the wooden shifter knob is protected prior to removal of console. Wrap with a soft cloth, since during the actual removal of the console it is very easy to damage the wooden surface of the selector knob.
10. Remove plastic air duct inside of storage compartment, under sliding armrest.
11. Disconnect the connector for the rear center vents.
12. Remove two screws that secure rear vent assembly to console. These are located inside storage compartment, just ahead of vents. Remove rear vent assembly.
13. Remove parking brake boot and push through opening. Pull up on parking brake. This will allow you room to lift console.
14. Place gear selector in “D” this will make it possible to maneuver console out of vehicle.
15. With the exception of one connector for the control panel above front ashtray, the console is ready for removal. If you have a sunroof, you should open it at this time.
16. Raise rear section of console up while at the same time guiding the front portion backwards.
17. Once you have exposed the connector for the front control panel, disconnect it.
18. Continue raising rear of console until it is almost vertical, this will ensure clearance and lessen the possibility of a damaged part.
19. Once you have removed console, use proper size small torx drivers to unscrew wood trim.
20. Put it back together by reversing these instructions.

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